NuN-Yah Cherry Bomb Raisins

Cherry bomb raisins. What the heck is that you ask?  Drunk or Drunken raisins as they have been called, are made traditionally with vapor distilled Gin and Golden Raisins.

 Sultana grapes originate from Turkey, Greece, Iran, South Africa. They’re grown under the name Thompson seedless grapes in the U.S.

Although its effectiveness has not been medically proven, science is based on results, to which I say “Proof is in the pudding” we …will leave that up to your own better judgement.

Our recipe has gone three steps further than grandma’s  ‘ol Gin raisins, by adding extra elements to curb the auto-immune response we call arthritis.

And guess what? The results are in. 

By adding tart cherries, tart cherry juice, Ceylon Cinnamon bark oil, and USDA wildflower honey to the mix, this all natural winning combination has grandma  ready for church with roller skates!

They are not only great for joint pain, they also aid in gut health & digestion along with promoting healthy blood sugar levels its sure to be the go-to snack of choice!

Get your own bag! Nun-YaH!

We aim to be the best, and to us that is a quality standard that we pledge to our customers to only use the purest, and best quality products available. Bottom line, No excuses, and never will be! 

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